- GOODNIGHT BABY - By BinisterLab.  

This is a single player top-down shooter and the first public game i've ever made.

You are "Baby",  your mom leaves you to sleep alone cause you're growing and it's time to learn how to sleep in your own room. Let's fight the monsters under your bed mate, don't be scared, your toys are by your side, KILL THE FINAL BOSS AND YOU'LL BE SAVED!!

I'm a solo developer from Italy and i really wish to improve my  personal skills in order to get better such a developer and artist. With this easy but hard-to-win game i just wanted to test out all the basics stuff i've learned in about 6 months of research and study  of  Unity3D Engine and C# programming language.

All the things you'll see in this game are hand-made by me apart the very cool soundtrack which is create by my friend "Bush" (if you'd like to contact him for some project ask me in the comments and i'll share his contact). The game will be uploaded also in the android app store soon, this is a test period to check how to make the game better and longer for the community.


-Move your self in the 8 directions of the tiny map with the directional arrows or "WASD" keys.

-Point the cursor of your mouse (or trackpad) in the direction of the monsters and left click to shoot. AUTOMATIC FIRE IS IMPLEMENTED SO YOU CAN JUST KEEP THE BUTTON PRESSED TO SHOOT CONTINUOUSLY!!!

- 5 Lifes to show up that you're a big boy.

-Enemies will randomly drop cool different weapons with their own shoot rateo and damage + some health for help you to get to the final Boss.

HAVE FUN and i'd really appreciate if you'll leave a comment below to tell me what you think about this lil game and what you'd like to find in future updates! 



Development log


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Nice man, keep it up! The art is really creepy.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate,

I'm already working on more enemies and weapons. Stay Tuned!

ciao sei sul gruppo svilupparegiochi?

Si! Se ti serve qualcosa mi trovi anche li! Ho postato il gioco ieri sulla pagina!